Effortless Cool: How to Nail the Casual Street Style Look

streetwear is one of the fashion trends that just doesn’t seem to go out of season. Popularized in the 1990s and inspired by the New York hip hop as well as the Californian surf cultures, this fashion style primarily encompasses elements of sportswear, skateboarding, punk, and bits of beachwear. 

Recent studies project that the global demand for streetwear may hit USD 663.5 million in 2030 from USD 174.52 million in 2022. That represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.94 during the forecast period. 

The fact that streetwear is always in vogue translates to high availability for these outfits. It also allows you to experiment with different fashion looks. 

In this article, we look at some of the tips on how to nail the casual street style look.

How to Nail the Casual Street Style Look

1. Understand What Constitutes Streetwear

As already hinted, streetwear encompasses elements of sportswear, skateboarding, and punk. However, pretty much any casual clothing qualifies as streetwear. These include graphic tees, hoodies, jeans, beachwear, sweatpants, sneakers, and baseball caps, to mention but a few. 

Patriotic clothing is also an essential element of streetwear. Although synonymous with public holidays, you can don these outfits any day to broadcast your sense of patriotism. Besides, you can also use patriotic posters and signs to enhance the surrounding ambiance. 

2. Know When to Wear It

The fact that streetwear are essentially casual clothing makes them equally suitable for casual events. You can rock it in your street wear while attending informal social gatherings, such as bridal or baby showers. 

Streetwear is also suitable for outdoor events like festivals, romantic occasions like cruise dinners, and family gatherings like birthday parties. Moreover, you could stretch your limits by donning streetwear to semi-casual events like corporate dinners.

3. Assess Your Wardrobe

Now that you understand what constitutes streetwear and when to rock them, it’s now time to assess your closet to determine if you have enough of these clothing. 

Focus on both main articles as well as matching accessories. Most importantly, ensure you have pairable tops and bottoms. If not, then now may be the right time to consider a retail therapy.

How to Nail the Casual Street Style Look

4. Play Around With Colors

Color is a critical element when styling streetwear. The good news is that there are numerous pairing options at your disposal. 

First, you want to prioritize muted shades, also known as pastels. Pastels are especially suitable during summer as they help neutralize the sun’s glare. 

Another option is to pair bolder tones with neutral hues to avoid color-clashing. In this arrangement, bolder colors will look exceptionally stunning for tops while paler colors would suit bottoms. And for a more stylish look, consider pairing navy with red or burgundy.

5. Pick Elegance Over Brilliance

Staying with colors, bold-colored streetwear may infuse some interest into your ensemble. But their sheer brilliance can make them optically overwhelming. 

Avoid such, unless you’re the center of attention. Instead, consider neutral shades like brown, tan, cream, or beige. 

If you must opt for bolder shades for the main clothing, insist on those accented with paler shades. 

6. Accessorize Wherever Necessary

Streetwear accessories come in many shapes and sizes. They range from shoes and belts to hats, handbags, jewelry, and glasses. 

The trick is to match every outfit in your closet with the right accessory. 

Over-the-knee boots are the ultimate symbol of seduction if paired with faux leather leggings. Alternatively, you could help bring buckle belts into trend by doing a French tuck.

7. Go Minimalistic On Jewelry

It’s almost impossible to discuss streetwear without paying tribute to a fine piece of jewelry. Just be sure to pick something a bit modest. 

You want to avoid overly showy pieces of jewelry, such as huge pendants. Consider more obscure options instead. 

Going for minimalist jewelry also entails avoiding the blindingly shining or colorful jewels. Subtle studs featuring a blend of metals and earthy stones will do the trick. Always remember that most jewelry looks elegant in their simplicity. 

8. Get Creative with Patriotic Tees

Patriotic t-shirts are one of the most overlooked streetwear elements. That’s probably due to their association with important state holidays. 

However, pairing short-sleeved patriotic t-shirts with a pair of jeans or joggers will undoubtedly turn a few heads any day. You could opt for flag-themed tees or simply those with subtle patriotic slogans like “do or die.” 

Complete this ensemble with a pair of sneakers and you’re sure to leave a lasting fashion statement. 

9. Pair Up Some Co-ords

Co-ords have recently become a buzzword in the fashion industry, and rightfully so. 

Co-ords provide the easiest way to pair two similar colors or styles for tops and bottoms. And the best part is that you can pair different articles, including tops and pants, tops and skirts, and tops and shorts. 

Pastels would work best for warmer weather and semi-casual events while brighter shades would be excellent for cooler weather. Round it up by throwing in a denim jacket, a subtle necklace, and a pair of shades.  

10. Don’t Forget Makeup and Hairstyle 

Makeup is probably the one fashion styling tip that cuts across different types of outfits. The most important makeup rule to remember is that “less is more.” 

When it comes to hairstyle, recommended options include low buns, tights, or beach waves. 

You could also opt for a well-kempt afro or go completely bald. The options are virtually limitless.

Wrap Up

There are multiple ways to nail the casual street style. When all is said and done, pick something that strikes a perfect balance between standing out from the crowd and blending into the general environment. 

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