How to Remove Watermarks from PDF Files

Sometimes you come across a PDF file that you want to save, but it has a distracting watermark. In some cases, you want to remove the old watermark and replace it with a new one. Then you may need to remove the watermark from your PDF document. Here are some free and paid tools.

SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a good option if you ask how to remove watermark from PDF file. It is an application that allows you to edit, convert and sign PDF documents. Its user interface is simple yet intuitive, making it a easy-to-use PDF watermark remover tool. Moreover, this tool can also add watermark to PDF file.

If you are fascinated by this professional editing app, please read the steps below.

Step 1. Install SwifDoo PDF on your device, then open the application.

Step 2. Then go to “Protect” and click the “Watermark” option.

Step 3. And then in the popup toolbar, click the “Delete Watermark” option, and then click OK.

SwifDoo PDF doesn’t just remove watermarks; it can also merge, split, encrypt, set passwords and unlock PDF files. Moreover, it also supports convert PDF from/to various file formats. SwifDoo PDF is free (for a 7-day trial) and safe to use. However, you may experience a slow running process when your internet connection is slow. Nevertheless, many people still use it to remove watermarks from PDF files.




Quick responsive


Only compatible for Windows PC

Google Drive

One free way to remove a watermark from a PDF document is to use Google Drive. Yes, you read that right! We usually use this service to back up our files online so that we can easily access them without having to have a USB stick or any other portable storage devices.

But apart from that, Google Drive also has the ability to open files, make minor edits and remove watermark from PDF file online. Let’s see how amazingly good it is to remove watermark from PDF file using Google Drive.

  1. Open your Google Drive account. Basically, a Gmail account is the same account.
  2. Click “New”> “Upload file”, select the PDF document and then upload it.
  3. Once done, you can check the uploaded file on your drive and then right-click to open it with “Google Docs”.
  4. The watermark will be removed automatically. To save it, go to “File” and click “Download As”, then select “PDF Document”.


  • Convenient to use


  • You must log in using your Gmail account
  • Images will be automatically deleted regardless of whether there is a watermark
  • Password protected files are not supported

Microsoft 365

People who are wondering how to remove a watermark from a Word document, which is one of the applications offered by Microsoft 365, are in the best position. In this case, it is very simple and all you need is basic knowledge of the editor. This will help you avoid long rewriting of the content of documents. Moreover, there are special applications for checking plagiarism.

Other applications serving as text editors also provide the ability to remove watermarks from a PDF or Word document.

  • Many people are looking for how to remove watermark from PDF. You need to open the watermarked file with PDF Portfolio and then follow this path: Tools > Edit PDF > Watermark > Delete. It’s as easy as removing watermarks in Word.
  • To remove a watermark from a Word document, go to Design and then to the “Watermark” tab. In the case of older versions of Word, this is also possible, only the path is slightly modified and looks like this: Page layout -> The watermark. In the next step, select “Remove watermark”.
  • The second way to remove a watermark from a Word document is to click in the header area. Just double-click near the top of the page, which opens the header area. Then place your cursor just above the watermark, which will allow a 4-way arrow to appear. Then select the watermark and press the Delete key on your computer keyboard. The disadvantage of this solution is the need to treat each watermark individually.

Online PDF Watermark Removers

Some online PDF watermark removers allow you to quickly remove the watermark from a PDF file. It is worth emphasizing that the watermark in this case cannot be written in a very elaborate way, because the online program may significantly distort the area in the document. Use this option if the watermark is not complicated and you want to remove it quickly and easily.

Remove Watermarks from PDF

Choose a tool that will remove the watermark and take action!

You can remove watermarks using many tools available online and those that can be installed on your computer – such as SwifDoo PDF. We have presented the most popular of both groups and show you how to remove a watermark using them!

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