Places to Stay in the Peak District

Whether you are in love with the spas, villages, or peak districts, you have many accommodation places to ensure a smooth and natural trip. With our virtual tour, you can explore the best living places in this famous peak district. 

Guide to the Best Places and Accommodation in the Peak District

We have designed this guide to help you explore different accommodation places in the Peak District. So let’s start with:


This town is famous for historic spas and architecture as well as the charming hotels and beds are also the love. The town is the home to the Old Hall Hotel with its unique charm and the Buxton Crescent, so you can choose the right Buxton hotels


This place is known for pudding and is the best accommodation place. From cottages to traditional inns, this place offers you a unique and comfortable stay. 


If you want to enjoy the history, then Eyam is the right place to live. So whether you want to live in a traditional cottage or a modern hotel, you will surely get better accommodation. 

Matlock Bath

This region is located along the Derwent River and is famous for spas and guesthouses as well as hotels to ensure a safe stay. 


If you want to enjoy the best outdoorsy experience then Edale is the right district with walking trails. You may either live in the cottages or bunkhouses in this district. 


This place is located at the edge of the peak district and is known for accommodation options. From pubs to rooms to retreats, you have many options. 


It is famous for its charm and connection to Charlotte Bronte, and it offers stylish beds and the best breakfast if you want to live here. 


This place is famous for caves and castles, so it offers the best accommodation places and coaching inns. 


The place is famous for its Georgian architecture and streets that offer you a delightful setting and retreat for a peaceful stay. 

Activities and attractions in the Peak District

Breathtaking Hikes: 

Enjoy your visit by heading over to breathtaking hiking trails for all levels.

Historical Riches in Buxton: 

Enjoy the beauty of Georgian architecture famous for thermal springs and crescents. 

Delightful Bakewell: 

Enjoy your travel to Bakewell markets known for pudding and historic landscapes such as Haddon Hall. 

Matlock Bath’s Riverside Pleasures: 

Along the River Derwent, you can enjoy the Matlock bath and the heights of Abraham cable car. 

Food and Local Cuisine

Savor Local Delicacies: 

Enjoy the unique charm and traditional dishes of the Peak District, such as pudding, local cheese and oatcakes. 

Country Pubs and Tearooms: 

Enjoy the taste and charm of tearooms and country pubs for delightful treats. 

Farmers’ Markets: 

Enjoy the charm of the farmer’s market, goods, treats and fresh tastes in the peak district culinary diversity. 

Tips for Sustainable and Responsible Travel


  • Choose Eco-Friendly Accommodations: 

Choose the living place that offers you sustainable options such as eco-friendly lodges, beds, breakfast and hotels. 

  • Explore on Foot or Bike: 

Enjoy the charm and beauty of the Peak District either on foot or by biking to ensure leaving less carbon footprint and managing a better connection with the environment. 

  • Support Local Businesses: 

Ensure to visit local shops, tour places and restaurants to increase the regional economy and sustainability. This way, you can give direct benefit to the community. 


What types of accommodation are available in the Peak District?

Whether you want to enjoy life in cottages or hotels, you have many accommodation options based on budgets and preferences. 

When is the best time to visit the Peak District?

In common, people love to visit peak districts in the spring and summer seasons, while some also visit in autumn for the stunning colors. So you can choose the right season of travel. 

Are there activities for families in the Peak District?

Yes, the Peak District is home to many family activities, from hiking to cycling to exploring the region to historical sites to museums.

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