How to find the cheapest car rental London UK

Do you know that the car rental industry has been active for over a century? Since the invention of cars, man’s increasing demand for financial prosperity and wealth building made them discover the potential market of renting cars. But what’s even more interesting is the fact that even before the invention of cars, horses and carriages have been offered for rent. Renting cars only began in 1904 by a bicycle shop in Minneapolis. Several years later, a man from the United States named Joe Saunders started to rent out the T Ford model in Omaha, Nebraska and became so successful that he rented out over a hundred of these cars and made an unbelievable sum of money.

cheapest car rental London UK

As time went by and technology became more advanced, the car rental industry expanded and so did the demand and supply. Many people started renting cars and even car owners preferred to use a rented car due to the numerous benefits to be gained. And google searches for the cheapest car rental in London UK became at an all time high as people began seeking more affordable options to rent cars for extended periods. If you are also concerned about getting affordable rates on your car hire, then it is no coincidence that you are here. In this article we will explore proven strategies that will help you secure the most affordable and top notch car rental experience.

  1. Go for monthly car hire: The UK is home to over 67 million people, making it one of the most congested cities in the world. There are several public transport services on the road as well, but due to the population, these services are quite slow and congested as well. If you want to enjoy your stay in the UK, the best choice is to go for monthly car hire London for convenience, speed and punctuality. On top of that, a monthly car hire will help you save money on transportation as you only have to pay a one time fee and enjoy your ride for the rest of the month, instead of spending bits on transportation everyday which could amount to an unbelievable figure by month end.
  2. Rent from a trustworthy online platform: Several online car rental platforms promise best rates and five star customer experience until you rent from them. While there are good ones, the bad eggs among them paint a black picture of the rental industry, thereby making people skeptical about renting cars online. To rid yourself of the stress of searching for the best platform to rent a car, visit a reliable marketplace like OneClickDrive and have all your worries settled. The duty of the marketplace is to make sure all the research is done and best rates are selected. All you need to do is look for the option that falls within your budget and make an early reservation. You will see several budget friendly deals and inclusive packages that will blow your mind.
  3. Book early: After selecting the rental option of your choice, do not wait until your journey is close before booking. You may be surprised with a higher price on your next visit. The best option is to book as early as possible to ensure you do not get affected by price increase. You also get access to more affordable options and a wider range of cars than when you book late.
  4. Choose economy cars: The economy cars are a lifesaver for anyone willing to minimize cost on transportation. These cars are not just affordable, they are also comfortable to drive. They are good to drive within the city of UK and suitable for four people for short trips and two people for longer trips. Their incredible fuel efficiency also lets you save money in the long run.
  5. Read the rental agreement carefully: Although the rental agreement may be bulky and seemingly full of jargon, it is necessary to take out time and go through it. This will help you to be aware of actions that may lead you to being rightfully charged and avoid them. Some rental companies may charge you for returning an empty fuel tank, or dropping off late, or damaging the car in any way. You should also check for unnecessary inclusions like child seats, additional drivers, etc and remove them from the contract to reduce the rental fee. 


Car rental has become a popular option among travelers and tourists today. If you travel frequently, it is important to get the best and most affordable deals to help you save money and enhance your trip. This article provides you just what you need to know to cut down your transport budget down to size.

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