The Best Digital Signage Companies in 2023

Over the past few years, digital signage has pretty much taken over from paper-based advertising. Now, most stores, hotels, clinics, restaurants, gyms, bars, and other types of companies utilize digital screens. They use them to share promotions, boost branding, raise awareness of new or underused services and much, much more.

There are a lot of providers out there, so we decided to save our readers a bit of time. Below, we share the details of the best of them.

Mandoe Media

Mandoe Media comes out at number one, largely because its users get free access to millions of photos and videos. This means that regardless of what a business is promoting it will find the images needed to make each campaign a success.

The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create slides, posters, and short videos. These can be displayed on one or multiple screens. It is also possible to create a huge screen wall for maximum impact. Everything can be scheduled and rescheduled multiple times if necessary. Using the built-in reports, it is also possible to analyze the effectiveness of each ad or campaign.

Best Digital Signage Companies

Screenly OSE – now called Anathias

Screenly OSE offers something a little different. The Open-Source Edition version of their software was developed to run on a Raspberry Pi. Today, it can be run on a regular Linux host, at least in theory. The OSE version is free to use yet can still manage HD images and show live web pages.


Liqvid was specifically designed to be used with existing TV screens. Liqvid takes an innovative approach to image creation. Instead of providing its own specialized drag-and-drop interface, the software is designed to use Canva. A tool that many people are already familiar with.


This digital signage company has been around for over a decade. During this time, it has developed a very comprehensive package. The software is easy to use, powerful and affordable. Scheduling can be done in moments and content management is intuitive. Users like the HDMI-CEC support and the fact that it is compatible with BrightSign players.


This digital signage package is web-based, enabling users to control their screens from anywhere in the world. They also offer subscribers the chance to buy Google Chrome players that come pre-configured and can be connected to any screen that has an HDMI port. Users pay per month, per device, which makes this a good option for startups, seasonal or pop-up businesses.

LOOK Digital Signage

LOOK has a reputation for continuing to innovate and for supporting their customers in finding new ways to use their software. It works with any web browser and supports 4k without the need for screen compression. Screens can be divided into areas, and the content displayed in each of them can be customized. Multi-language capabilities, built-in content statistics and advanced filtering are also included.


This software is very quick to set up. It easily integrates with a lot of other apps and programs, including Canva, Pixaby, Google Slides, TikTok and Google Calendar. Whilst this is something that most digital signage companies offer; Easy Signage has a reputation for adding compatibility with the latest apps, very quickly.

Getting the Most Out of Digital Signage

Choosing the right provider is only step one. Taking the time to complete the training is also important. Doing so enables companies to fully understand the power of the digital signage software they have just brought. It ensures that their users work efficiently, stay organized and understand how to monitor the effectiveness of each promotion or advertising campaign. They will also be able to take advantage of new features as they are added.

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