What is Website Localization and What are its Benefits?

The facility of promoting your business through a website has made it a lot easier  to grow globally without even ensuring your physical presence there. People now trust authorized and registered websites to shop even from the other region. However, you require professional website localization services to make your online presence reliable and trustworthy for your customers. 

Remember the old days, when businesses were limited to supermarkets and shops? You need to go out to buy your required stuff and wander around the market to find the best quality. But now things have changed. You can get your hands on uncountable options without going out of your comfort zone. The availability of the internet and online business is a blessing for both the service provider and buyer.

In this guide, we will give you a brief of what website localization is, the benefits it provides, and which localization services you should acquire. So, let’s get started.

What is Website Localization? 

Website localization is the process of making your business’s online presence (website) adaptive to your target audience. It refers to the translation of the website content into the language of your target audience while preserving the real meaning of the content. 

While globalizing your website, you will be dealing with a multilingual audience with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. To provide your global audience with a sense of reliability, you need precise and accurate localization of your website. 

However, it is a difficult task to translate a website by yourself as it requires expertise and knowledge to perfectly localize your website. The availability of professional website localization companies provides exceptional support in the successful globalization of your business.  

The Difference Between Website Translation and Localization

Most people confuse localization with translation. Although, both concepts fall in the same category and are interconnected. Even though the nature of translation and localization is the same, the application and procedure are different. 

Translation is the process of word-to-word translation of content from one language to another. It is a straightforward procedure of transforming the audio, visual, and textual content from a source language to a target language. 

Localization, whereas, somehow is the same, but it is like a one step ahead of translation. Localization is the process of making your website, suitable and easily understandable for your target audience. It allows you to make your website adaptive to your audience by translating the design, content, and interface without breaking the structure. 

Language and cultural nuances are the main focus of localization. While localizing a website, you should be aware of the language and cultural behaviors of your audience. For example: English speakers have different buying habits as compared to German, and German speakers differ from French. As you can see, the decision-making and buying habits of each language speakers are different as per their language and cultural behaviorr. 

So, you need to deal with them accordingly. However, handling a diversified audience single-handedly is not possible, as learning new languages is a time-consuming and tiring task. Therefore, you need certified localization services that will help you generate a website adaptable to your target audience and get a great response.  

What Are the Benefits of Website Localization?

Localization offers various benefits that adds to make you a globally known name. A few mentioned here are the most prominent ones. Let’s dive into details. 

1) Better User-Experience

A website is a way you define and represent your products and services to a global audience. But, if the design of the website isn’t appealing and the content is available in some other language, do you think users will stay? Never! To enhance your user experience, you need to make your website appealing to them grab their attention, and provide all the information they want to know about your business in their local language. That’s right, it’s the power of local language that can help you make a strong impact. 

2) Wider Global Range 

Going global means interacting with customers from around the globe. But, how would you interact as you don’t know their languages? The answer is:  through localization. The professional website localization services enable you to linguistically and culturally translate your website to make it adaptive for your global audience. Doing it will catch the eye of your potential customers, widen your global range and help you deal with a multilingual audience simultaneously. Interesting, right!

3) High Search Engine Ranking

The search engine ranking plays a vital role in the success of an online business. Localization helps you achieve high search engine ranking by making your website easily accessible to your customers. The higher the ranking of your website, the more business you will get. Simply put, localization brings you more business and helps you generate more leads and profit. 

How to Localize a Website?

As of now, you know, what website localization is and what benefits it provides. Now you might be thinking about how to localize your website. If you are thinking that localizing a website is an easy task, you are mistaken. You need professional help. 

You do need to acquire certified localization services from a professional company. They have a team of experts with years of hands-on experience and deep subject-matter knowledge. Regardless of the length of your content, they promise accurate and precise localization of your website. CCJK is a localization company that has been around for more than two decades. It provides website localization in more than 230 languages and their experts are native linguists, which makes them a reliable source for your project. So are you interested? 

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