What viewers can do at the Wimbledon Championship

The Wimbledon Championship is set to take place from the 1st to the 14th of July 2024, featuring a total of 675 matches across 19 courts. Both men’s and women’s divisions will be showcased, offering a comprehensive tennis experience for enthusiasts.

Wimbledon Championship

If you’re new to Wimbledon, then there are a few pointers you need to know. Here’s what you can do at the championships as a spectator of the men’s and women’s matches.

Bet on any of the 675 tennis matches

All 675 tennis matches at Wimbledon promise excitement for sports betting enthusiasts. You can wager on your favourite athletes or place a wild guess in a match against strangers. This is possible thanks to online bookmakers licenced to operate in London. You can now bet on Wimbledon with crypto and win real cash prizes for every accurate prediction.

Bring food and drinks

Enjoying your time at Wimbledon includes savouring a variety of food and drinks available around the Wimbledon Grounds. Each one will cater to all kinds of appetite and diet plans so you can never be short of options. If you have a particular meal plan you need to strictly follow, then you’re allowed to also bring your own food.

However, be mindful of the list of prohibited items which include non-disposable items like silverware utensils, hard-sided containers, flasks, and camping seats. Food takeaways from stalls or brought from outside are fine so long as you can dispose of the wrappers/containers that they came with.

You can bring alcohol but only a bottle of win or two cans of beer

As for beverages, it’s a common misconception that alcohol is prohibited in Wimbledon. Spectators are allowed to do so, but there are limitations. Each guest is allowed to bring a bottle of wine, champagne, or two cans of beer to the Grounds. However, strong drinks like spirits and fortified wines are not allowed. Consuming them is also regulated and you can only do so at bars and other specified areas.

You can bring drinking vessels (cups and mugs) but put them away if you’re entering show courts. These are unauthorised drinking areas so keep your bottles sealed while watching events. You may resume drinking once you’re back within the Grounds.

Explore Wimbledon Grounds

In addition to the enticing food stalls, the Wimbledon Grounds offer various activities and services for you to discover. Take some time between matches or during breaks from watching intense on-court action. For a leisurely experience, consider setting up a picnic in specified areas within Wimbleton, giving you plenty of ways to take a break throughout the 2-week championship.

Enjoy the events at Wimbledon

The Grounds are fun but remember that you are there to watch the Wimbledon Championship matches. Be sure to know the schedule of your favourite athletes’ or pairs’ matches and stadium so you can be on time when they start.

If you find yourself missing certain matches, don’t fret. You can still bet on Wimbledon with crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum even for matches you cannot personally watch. That means you can always enjoy all events on different courts even if you can only watch one live at a time.

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